Stepmom Fucks Her Son to Keep a Secret from Dad!


One day Stepmom comes home and son notices a bag. He checks the bag and sees a Hooter’s outfit. His dad would be angry if he found out she was working at Hooters!

Stepson then begins to threaten his stepmom and she says she needs the money and will do whatever to keep son from telling his father. Stepson starts to blackmail and threaten to tell his dad if she does not do everything he wants. Stepmom does not like this but she does not want to see her husband angry.

Stepson pulls his pants down and tells his stepmom to come over and stroke his hard cock. She resists so he yells for his dad. Scared, she comes over and obeys her stepson. She strokes his hard dick up and down until he cums.

The next day, the stepson wants the same thing and more. He tells her to put his cock in her mouth and suck it. Stepmom obeys. After several minutes of good blowjob, he finally pulls his cock out of her mouth and shoots his load all over her face and Hooters outfit.


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